Maailma palaa -video

The second instalment of Local Al’s EP trilogy concerns the state of the world. EP2 is released the 30th August via Soliti

Aleksi Pahkala’s solo project Local Al will release its second EP on August 30th.

Aleksi Pahkala, known for his bands The Duplo!, and Gim Kordon, released his first solo ep (EP1) at the dawn of this summer under the artist name Local Al. The epic opening shot ’En luovuta’ picked up praise as far afield as Australia and raised Local Al on the domestic music scene.The upstart punky ’Selkään puukkoja’ contrasted Local Al’s more dulcet tones, with the track making the UK Spotify The Punk List and also attracted attention amongst punk circles. The EP’s most popular love song ’Nämä rannat kuuluvat meille’, appeared on Soundi Magazine’s best songs of the summer with a buzzing Best of Right Now playlist.

Two limited-edition vinyl releases were released of EP1, which were sold out before the release. In addition to the digital release, the second part of the trilogy – EP2 – will also have two limited vinyl releases.

The theme of the debut EP1 was life and love. With EP2, Pahkala – known as a human rights activist – discusses the state of the world from a political and human rights perspective.

With the second taste from EP2 ’Maailma palaa” (The World is on Fire), Local Al wants to wake up the world and to act together.

Dub-music has always fascinated me. Jamaican legends, such as Lee Perry and King Tubby, or some of the modern-age masters such as Kode9, Rhythm & Sound and Vladislav Delay are regularly spinning on my turntable. “Maailma palaa” is Local Al’s electro-acoustic vision of dub-music through the eyes of an Indie-poet. The song has a gentle, acoustic, almost humming-like structure and is flavoured with bass frequencies reminiscent of the Judgment day. The world is on fire, and we are all asleep. Or are we? Be careful with your speakers there.

Local Al EP2 will be released on Friday, August 30, 2019.

  1. Meitä tarkkaillaan
  2. Maailma palaa
  3. Aikamme lasku
  4. Joskus on parempi olla aivan hiljaa

Composition, lyrics, production and mixing: Aleksi Pahkala
Mastering: Philip Granqvist
Soliti 2019